Samuel Miller, a Presbyterian theologian, Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government at Princeton Theological Seminary, and founding member of the institution, often takes the spotlight for his career and dedication to the Seminary. He maintained a very close relationship with his brother, acclaimed physician Dr. Edward Miller. Dr. Miller held many positions throughout his professional career, his most prestigious from the last ten years of his life. In addition, Dr. Miller attended to many private patients in their homes in the last years before his death. This is the exact purpose for this exhibit: at the Princeton Theological Seminary Library, in the depths of the archives, we have Dr. Edward Miller’s personal diary that consists of records of visits and consultations between the years of 1810 and 1811 in New York City, one year prior to his death.

Scholars of medical history and of the Miller family as well as the general public will find valuable information and data in his digitized patient book. This content may be freely downloaded and reproduced for personal or non-commercial use. Commercial use requires permission from the Princeton Theological Seminary Library. If you wish to do so, please contact the Curator of Special Collections for more information regarding commercial use.