Unfortunately, no record exists of how the Princeton Theological Seminary Library obtained Dr. Edward Miller’s book. It may have been kept with Samuel Miller’s papers. We do know that the book keeps records of his personal visits beginning in September 1, 1810 and concluding in June 9, 1811. From September of 1810 to December of 1810, the lists are organized within the bound pages of his private book. From January 1811 to June 1811, his lists of patients are documents on loose pages that have been placed in groups inside the bound book. Perhaps, Dr. Miller had lost his journal during his last year of practice. We are unsure. Dr. Miller would visit between three and seventeen patients in a single day.

We have happily digitized his appointment book for open use and research with this unique resource. Dr. Miller possessed great influence on the medical world, and we are pleased to open this material to the public.